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Our History

In the Fall of 2009, Summit County created a Special Service District to serve Coalville and the surrounding areas. The administrative board was created by Summit County and consists of five members. In November of 2010, two positions were created to help grow our new recreation district. Michelle Peterson was hired as the District Administrator and Nick Williams was hired as the Director of Athletics. In April of 2011 two new board members were choosen by the Summit County Council to replace former board members Mike Calderwood and Michelle Peterson.

As of February 2013 Nathan Brooks was hired as the North Summit Recreation Manager. The board members are:

Brian Zwahlen (Chair)
Bryan Breshears (Vice Chair)
Laurie Hirzel (Treasurer) 
Jacki Vernon
Becky Grant
Virgina Richins

While we are still in the infancy stage of development, we are working hard to reconstruct the recreation program for both the youth and adults living in Northern Summit County. The future is looking bright and with your help and support we can create an amazing recreation experience for all of us.

For more information contact us at: