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Our History

In the Fall of 2009, Summit County created a Special Service District to serve Coalville and the surrounding areas. The administrative board was created by Summit County and consists of five members. In November of 2010, two positions were created to help grow our new recreation district. Michelle Peterson was hired as the District Administrator and Nick Williams was hired as the Director of Athletics. In April of 2011 two new board members were choosen by the Summit County Council to replace former board members Mike Calderwood and Michelle Peterson.

As of February 2013 Nathan Brooks was hired as the North Summit Recreation Manager. The board members are:

Brian Zwahlen (Chair)
Bryan Breshears (Vice Chair)
Laurie Hirzel (Treasurer) 
Jacki Vernon
Becky Grant
Virgina Richins

While we are still in the infancy stage of development, we are working hard to reconstruct the recreation program for both the youth and adults living in Northern Summit County. The future is looking bright and with your help and support we can create an amazing recreation experience for all of us.

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North Summit Recreation Mil Levy 
North Summit Residents Face an Important Decision

North Summit Recreation is recommending a property tax initiative increase. This recommendation process encourages transparency and provides an opportunity for residents to comment on the proposal. 
                The Problem: North Summit Recreation                                                   funds are strained

  • A $10,000.00 deficit (33% of North Summit Rec. budget for 2019) was created due to the elimination of funds from the Summit County general fund. 
  • Summit County funding for recreation districts will continue to be cut each year. Until NO funding will be available for operation of the North Summit Recreation District.
  • If NO initiative is taken to control the funding issues, the North Summit area will lose ALL youth recreation by the year 2021!
  • Participation fees are not enough to cover current program costs.
  • Youth sports participation fees will increase March 1, 2019 to make up the deficit in the recreation budget.

    The Solution: North Summit Recreation to propose a
    mil levy for program operational funds
  • A mil levy is the most viable option that would provide program operational funding and allow the District to operate independent of Summit County funds.
  • The average home owner could expect to see a property tax increase of approximately $20.00 per year, for program operation!
  • Moving to a self supported revenue base allows North Summit residents to decide what programs to provide, decide how to reduce fee inflation and how to provide a recreation experience that isn't controlled or influenced by outside organizations.
  • When a youth recreation program is no longer available this may lead to less physical activity for youth, to much free time, lack of team camaraderie, lose of North Summit identity and diminished self-esteem. 
Why is the tax being asked for?

North Summit Recreation funds are strained, and participation fees are not enough to cover our programs. In addition, the district is facing a $10,000.00 deficit due to the elimination of funds from the Summit County general fund. NS Rec was the only special service district in Summit County that received County funding in 2018. After reviewing all options, the Board decided it was in the best interest of the District to issue this levy. Without passing this increase participation fees will continue to increase to cover the cost of program operation.  

How much is the tax?

The average home owner could expect to see a property tax increase of approximately $20.00 per year.

What will the tax funds be used for?

The tax funds received would be used for operational costs of youth sports programs and possible program expansion.

Are there other methods to support the youth programs?

Yes. For the 2019 budget year the participation fees for youth sports have been increased to cover the deficit in the budget. Fundraising and grants are welcomed, but lack consistency.

How Do surrounding communities fund their youth sports programs?

Basin Recreation- Property tax and fees.

Park City- Fees and City general fund.

South Summit- Fees, South Summit School District general funds and Summit County general funds (Also being reduced for 2019).

Morgan Recreation- Fees, property tax and Morgan School District.

Wasatch County- Fees, sponsors and property tax.

Will additional programs be offered?

Currently the focus would be youth-based program to ensure we are meeting the demands of keeping our youth active and engaged. Currently NS Rec offers youth basketball, flag and contact football, volleyball, baseball/softball, soccer and some summer camps. In the future the funds would provide opportunities for additional programs as well.     

Will the participation fee be reduced if the tax passes?

Yes. There is a strong possibility the participation fee may be reduced.

Are any new facilities to be constructed with the funds?

The current focus will remain on program operations. However, the possibility of future development may be necessary as needs grow in our community.

Is it possible to run the programs cheaper?

NS Rec is always reviewing how to manage programs at the lowest possible cost and still provide high quality recreation opportunities. The programs are reviewed annually to determine if costs can be cut and what the most cost-effective methods to operate youth programs.

How will our communities benefit from the tax?

-          Youth sports will remain in the community

-          An option of organized adult recreation programs may become available

-          Establishment of a program that is not dependent on Summit County funding

Will adult sports be offered with the tax?

Yes. Survey data shows North Summit citizens would like to see more adult recreation. Which currently this option cannot be met. Our current budget does not allow for adult recreation opportunities but with this increase that option can become a reality.

Can we reclaim the $10,000.00 deficit funds back from Summit County?

No. Based on current budget strains Summit County is no longer able to offer these funds. The money is needed for operational costs and programs that support the County Council’s strategic plan.   

Is fundraising a possibility?

Yes. Fundraising is always welcomed, but in order to continue providing quality recreation a sustained source of funding will always be necessary.

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NS Rec Board Members and Contact Info:
  • Board Chair- Brian Zwahlen:
  • Board Vice Chair- Bryan Breshears:
  • Treasurer- Laurie Hirzel:
  • Director- Nathan Brooks: or 435-336-7322
  • Board Member- Virgina Richins:
  • Board Member- Jacki Vernon:
  • Board Member- Becky Grant: