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Reliable Funding Proposal

North Summit Recreation District provides quality recreational opportunities for youth and adults throughout the North Summit community, including youth sports, summer camps and recreational training classes.

These programs are at risk of being eliminated due to changes in                                          Summit County Funding. 

To maintain healthy, fun recreational opportunities for youth throughout our community, the North Summit Rec. Board has proposed a reliable funding solution: a nominal property tax increase to provide a consistent,long term revenue source.

We value the support of our local community and are committed to an open-dialogue regarding North Summit Rec. operations, the funding proposal and the importance and long-term success of recreational opportunities for youth across the North Summit Community.

A lot of great questions have come out of conversation we have had with community members about the proposed nominal property tax increase. 

What are North Summit Rec.’s current funding sources?

North Summit Rec. relies on a combination of program participation fees and Summit County funding. Our 2019 budget is $70,000: participation fees, $35,000; Summit County funding, $35,000. We need a reliable, long-term funding source to make up for the loss of County funding.

Why is Summit County eliminating its funding to North Summit Rec.?

The North Summit Recreation District, South Summit Recreation and Snyderville Recreation District were first established by Summit County in 2009. Summit County provided startup funding for the Districts. The County never intended to fund Rec. District operations indefinitely. The goal was for each Rec. District to become self-sustaining. North Summit Rec. is the only one of the three districts that still relies on County funds for programming. The County is eliminating all Rec. District funding beginning in 2020.

How are the North Summit Rec. funds spent?

North Summit Rec. values providing a safe, high-quality recreational experience for all our participants that reflects favorably on our greater community. We do this on a tight budget.  


    Can North Summit Rec. lower its overall operating expenses?

    The North Summit Rec. Board regularly evaluates the efficiency of the programs and its internal management in an effort to identify areas where costs can be cut, and improvements can be made. At this point, North Summit Rec. is operating on a streamlined budget for the quality and number of programs it offers.

    What is North Summit Rec’s. proposal to become financially self-sustaining.

    To fill the funding gap left by the ending of the County funding, the North Summit Rec. Board is proposing a nominal property tax increase for all residents of Coalville, Echo and Henefer. The proposed property tax increase is $0.000104: applied to the taxable portion of a property. All money from the increase is designated for North Summit Rec.; it cannot fund other County projects.

    What is the impact of the tax increase?

    •          A resident living in an average priced house ($275,000) will see a monthly property tax increase of $2.38.
    •          An averaged sized business owner will see a monthly property tax increase of $4.32


    Why not just increase program fees to cover all North Summit Rec. expenses?

    Since 2009, North Summit Rec.’s individual participation fees have increased 50%. Youth participation fees are currently $35; teen sport fees are $70. Additional increases in fees will likely result in a decrease in participation. North Summit Rec. needs a long-term, consistent source of revenue to continue to offer quality recreational programs at an affordable price to all families in our community.

    My family doesn’t utilize the services offered by North Summit Rec. Why should I help pay for these programs through property taxes?

    We recognize not all residents have family members who have taken advantage of the recreational opportunities offered by North Summit Rec. However, we believe the benefits of providing the youth in our community with recreational opportunities extends beyond the youth who participate. Our community, as a whole, benefits from the increased self-esteem, healthy lifestyle and character development that participation in North Summit Rec. programs provides our youth. Additionally, many of our youth sporting events provide the community-at-large an opportunity to engage socially. These community-building opportunities help build a vibrant, well-connected community atmosphere across North Summit.

    What consistent, long-term sources of revenue do nearby communities rely on for their recreational programs?

    South Summit: Program fees and School District general funds.

    Snyderville Basin: Program fees and property tax.

    Park City: Program fees and City general fund

    Morgan Recreation: Program fees, School District funds and property tax.

    Why can’t North Summit Rec. get additional funding from the School District?

    Unlike some nearby Recreation Districts, North Summit Rec. is not a part of the North Summit School District. This means we cannot receive funds from the School District.

    If you have any questions or comments regarding the proposed property tax increase please feel free to contact Nate Brooks, program manager,

North Summit Rec. plays an important role in building a more vibrant, engaged and healthy community. Without the funds generated from the proposed tax increase, North Summit Rec. youth programs will become a thing of the past. 

NS Rec Board Members and Contact Info:
  • Board Chair- Brian Zwahlen:
  • Board Vice Chair- Bryan Breshears:
  • Treasurer- Laurie Hirzel:
  • Director- Nathan Brooks: or 435-336-7322
  • Board Member- Virgina Richins:
  • Board Member- Jacki Vernon:
  • Board Member- Becky Grant: