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Archery Class 2015

Utah Division of Wildlife Resources and North Summit Recreation

Program Description: Instruction will be based on the National Archery in the Schools “11 Steps to Archery Success”. The Archery program will teach international-style target archery. It will cover archery history, safety, technique, equipment, concentration, core strengthening, physical fitness and self-improvement. Participants will make a string bow to practice the 11 Steps outside of class. Archery offers participants lifelong skills and provides many additional benefits such as self-confidence, motivation, and the ability to pay more attention and improve the focus in a variety of learning situations in a fun safe environment. Instructors will be certified Basic Archery Instructors through the Utah Division of Wildlife Resources.

When: Class Schedule: July 20 – 22. Monday- Wednesday from 9:00AM – 10:30AM each day. This class is a three day sequential learning experience.

Who: For anyone ages 10 and up.

Cost: $20 per participant (Includes use of Archery Equipment). Register online at, registration closes Thursday July 16.

Where: To be determined, but will be a local site.

****Registration is limited to first 20 people****